Brit Creelman, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Evanston IL
In my day-to-day work I offer insight-oriented exploration and problem solving, along with an invitation to deepen mindfulness practices. My intention is to hold space where problems can be seen in a new way, where one can make room for problems to arise and be explored, where acceptance can settle in and a more direct contact with the present can happen. As practitioner in clinical trials and as provider of ketamine assisted therapy my work is anchored in a “set and setting” approach that is informed by decades of research using psychedelic compounds to treat depression and other mental health challenges. This approach involves preparation and intention setting prior to dosing, surrendering to a state of “non ordinary consciousness” during the journey, and post dosing integration work to consolidate, embody, and implement insights gained during the process.
Interests in trauma, depression, and equity inspire current and previous work – including peace and justice activism while living in war zones, providing community-based recovery alternatives to psychiatric hospitalization, research on exposure to violence and its relationship to substance abuse, and ten years service as training director in a program for youth survivors of complex trauma. In recent years new interests, pursuits, and training have led me to start a private practice, work as a practitioner in clinical trials using psilocybin to treat depression and LSD to treat anxiety, and train as provider of ketamine-assisted therapy.
No special programs being offered at this time.