Brodie LionHeart, BSc

Holistic Therapist
Central Coast NSW
Whether you’ve had a psychedelic experience and you’re looking for someone to unpack/make meaning of your experience, if you’ve had a difficult experience and need support with integration. If you’re planning on taking psychedelics in a ceremony/on your own, I offer preparation work so that you can maximise your engagement with these sacred tools. I aim to support you to maximize your communion with these medicines and to ensure you a smooth journey and integration. If you are interested in engaging in psychedelic therapy and are eager to see what this work looks like or how we can align this for you, please reach out and I will get back to you promptly Psilocybin Therapy
I am a 30 year old Male on the central coast of NSW, with a long history of personal exploration in the psychedelic space and various trainings. I am confident in my ability to deliver a healing and therapeutic space. I am also very interested in the potential of individuals and supporting individuals to reach their peak potential. Through my own life hardships I have come to find a way to reconcile the differences of the past and use them as inspiration for the ways in which i show up within my relationships and towards my self.
Psychedelic Therapy