Brodie Newman, BSc

Holistic Therapist
Central Coast NSW
The way in which our work will take place will be independently curated to your unique life circumstances, if you choose to follow the medicine path we will do several sessions prior to the medicine(whether conducted with me or on your own) Then there will be integration sessions after designed to support you in embodying the insights/experiences that you may receive when working with psychedelics. All of this tailoring will take place to optimise your experience with psychedelics, I do in person sessions in nature with a base of eco therapy but also offer online sessions via zoom.
I am a 28 year old Male on the central coast of NSW, with a long history of personal exploration in the psychedelic space and various trainings. I am confident in my ability to deliver a healing and therapeutic space for those interested in working with psychedelics. I am also very interested in the potential of individuals and supporting individuals to reach their peak potential.