Bruce Killen, PsyD, LMFT

Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
San Anselmo CA
Compassion, acceptance, empathy, mindfulness, and focus on connection are all essential in how I work. I love people and have worked with children as young as 5 and adults as mature as 85, and families and couples and many groups, but now I focus on couples, teens, and single adults. My website can give more details about which models I tend to use, but the key is tailoring what we do to each completely unique person, working on what they want to work on and in the way they want. I will be working doing KAP (Ketamine assisted psychotherapy) sessions very soon, and have done a very limited number of harm-reduction-based, legally-and-clinically-supported, pro-bono sessions with ongoing and appropriate (clinically-speaking) clients.
For nearly 30 years I have worked to support people to enjoy their lives more and improve their relationships, in both English and Spanish. I worked in the travel and biotech industries in my 20’s to get life experience, always knowing I would become a psychotherapist. Then in my early 30’s I got a Master’s and became licensed, and in my 50’s I went back to school for my Doctorate- that’s how much I love the “work.” It is truly a labor of love for me, a true honor and privilege. I did forensic mental health for 17 years for Napa County, and that prepared me for work with clients with very serious illnesses. During that time I saw 5-10 private practice clients since the job was 30-34 hours, not quite full time. I then retired in 2014 to dedicate my work to full time private practice and am constantly learning and training, to hopefully improve! I was married for many years and with great fortune and gratitude raised a couple of amazing people, my son Jordan and daughter Amara, in their 20’s. I am soon to marry the love of my life, if there are soul mates Maria is mine. I am so honored, humble, and grateful to do this work.