Caitriona McGarry, MA, BSc

Art Psychotherapist
Ballydehob CO
I work with clients by providing a space for them to get in touch with their soul by entering non ordinary states of consciousness like the creative state of flow. With regards integration work I have clients make art work related to their trip, I find this more effective than traditional means of simply talking about the trip because of the visual nature of the trip and the difficulty we can have in describing our experience in words.
Having studies psychology and art therapy; I am interested in the intersection between science and religion, which has led me to the field of consciousness. My study and my work has led me to believe that non ordinary states or non-ego states of consciousness can be thought of as soul states of consciousness and are healing in and of themselves. I believe that a combination of art and psychedelics, i.e psychedelic art therapy, is the most efficient means to evolve past the ego into higher consciousness which is necessary if our species is to survive. As such, I work to promote this field.
I offer affordable online (and in person; Cork, Ireland) integration sessions, with special rates available for students and the unwaged.