California Center for Psychedelic Therapy

California Center for Psychedelic Therapy

Cole J. Marta, MD

Brooke Balliett, LMFT

522 N Larchmont Blvd

Los Angeles CA 90004

Phone: 213-444-5309 [preferred contact]


California Center for Psychedelic Therapy is the premier clinical center in Southern California specializing in evidence-based psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and complementary clinical services. We are the first treatment center in Southern California to provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy under the care of both a licensed psychiatrist and board-registered psychotherapists. Our team is trained and experienced in a range of legal and experimental psychedelic therapies, including MDMA (clinical trials only), Psilocybin (clinical trials only) and Ketamine. We offer the highest quality psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies, innovative psychiatry, and complementary practices as our commitment to supporting people with mental health challenges who are seeking new options for healing and growth. We consider it an honor to share our unique clinical experience in this field to provide and refine new, safe, and effective methods of mental health treatment to help our clients and communities find relief and thrive.

Areas of Specialization

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD and bipolar depression

Trauma-focused therapy

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Psychedelic Integration

Somatic Psychotherapy

Psychedelic Consultation and Harm Reduction

Online Sessions


Location Online, Telehealth, California

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