Calliope Health

Bethesda MD
We first have a phone call to assess your eligibility for either our general psychiatry, ketamine treatment, or both. Next you'll be scheduled for a psychiatric assessment conducted by video. Once you are cleared to participate in the ketamine assisted psychotherapy program, you'll meet first in-person with your therapist prior to your first ketamine infusion.
Calliope Health was founded by a social worker and a psychiatrist, after our personal experiences of transformation from ketamine in a psychiatric setting greatly impacted our lives. Our focus is on providing psychiatric assessment and general psychiatric care with conventional medications, integrating ketamine treatments when appropriate and helpful. We provide ketamine infusions, followed by 45-minute psychotherapy session, typically on a weekly schedule, until treatment goals are achieved.
Each month we offer a free, in-person psychedelic integration group. Its a chance to share experiences with any psychedelic medicine in order to gain insight, encouragement, safety, and support.