Cara Whildes, MA, LPC

Longmont CO
For Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, you will complete a medical intake with the Journey Clinical team in order to be cleared for the experience. If this occurs, then we will do 2-3 preparation sessions before working with Ketamine, which will include building trust and rapport and clarifying intentions for this work. During the dosing session, you will self administer the oral Ketamine lozenge, lie down on a comfortable surface with an eye mask and soothing music playing, and go into your experience. Sometimes there may be verbal processing around a specific issue that is needing some healing, and sometimes there may be silence as you go where the experience is taking you. I will be present the whole time. When you are beginning to return to ordinary consciousness (usually 45-60 minutes after dosing), we will explore what came up for you, if that is what you are wanting. You will have someone pick you up (pre-arranged in preparation sessions), and you will check in with me by e-mail later that night. Within the next 2-3 days, we will have an integration session to explore what came up for you, and talk about how you might be able to integrate any insights more fully into your life. Insurance note: Insurance can be billed for preparation and integration sessions, though not for the dosing session itself. I accept United, Aetna, Anthem, and Cigna.
Hello! I am a therapist working out of Longmont, CO, helping to support adults/young adults struggling with depression, anxiety, LGBTQIA+ issues, grief and loss, and more. I provide Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, and partner with Journey Clinical to support eligible clients in utilizing this healing tool alongside psychotherapy.