Carol Hallinan, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Lutherville Timonium MD
While therapy is beneficial, it often takes a long time to work through wounds of the past which can be frustrating for clients and therapists. As mentioned below, I utilize trauma tools to help not only relieve pain but heal emotional wounds. It's not always easy but getting to the other side and finding purpose and meaning in life is all the sweeter for it. Developing the therapeutic alliance is my primary goal with new clients. If there isn't some level of comfort or trust, it makes the work harder if not impossible. I like to get to know my clients and give them the chance to get to know me as well so we can develop that relationship as we unpack what brought the client to therapy and start to plan treatment for healing. With psychedelic therapy, we are seeing amazing results in much shorter amounts of time. My hope is this continues as we learn more about the brain and the way we process trauma. While there are many therapies available to use, it's not possible for every therapist to know how to use every type of therapy. If we are working together and I think there is a better fit elsewhere, I'll open a dialogue so we can talk about it.
It's always hard for me to know what to say in the biography section of these forms so if I don't provide information here that you'd like to know, please feel free to reach out and ask. I'm happy to share here but might not cover everything you want to know. Counseling is a second (third or fourth) career for me. I came into it late, starting just as I was turning about 50 years old. Having some age and experience behind me has brought me to the realization that I am right where I am supposed to be and could not have done this work sooner. I started working in hospice as a grief counselor as well as a private practice on the side as soon as I was licensed. I stayed in hospice work for three years but became frustrated as we had to refer clients out after a handful of sessions and I wanted to continue the deeper work we were uncovering during the grieving process. With that in mind, I left hospice and went full time into private practice where I have the freedom to work with folks and develop that trust in the relationship which leads to better healing. I've left out a lot but if you think I might be a good fit for you, please feel free to email or call me to schedule a brief consultation and see if I can be of help.