Carol Kochoff, PsyD, LCSW

Carol Kochoff, PsyD
Los Angeles CA
After many years of helping others with problems, it's humbling to see how with patience, kindness and a moderate amount of education combined with intuition we can begin to untangle the most excruciatingly complicated beliefs of who we believe we are. This knowledge might be called the beginning of wisdom. Sitting with you and listening to the unfolding of your thoughts about your life creates a sacred space where, with increasing awareness, life becomes less about removing problems and more about adjusting the ways you think and feel about your Self.
I am a licensed psychotherapist with a doctorate degree in humanistic psychology offering integrative psychotherapy to adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues as well as those looking for a deeper meaning and a more fulfilling purpose in life. I believe the therapeutic relationship is collaborative and based on trust, safety, caring and confidentiality.