Caron Nogen, PsyD

Sacramento CA
Feeling comfortable and building trust is imperative, particularly when working with ketamine and non-ordinary states of consciousness. For this reason, I offer a structured and supportive psychotherapy program that will prepare you for your ketamine sessions, encourage you to explore your mind while within the ketamine space, and assist you in integrating your experiences afterward. It is important for you to trust in the relationship so you can relax into the path that unfolds during our sessions together.
As a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist, I specialize in working with adults challenged with anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, neurologic change, and chronic health conditions. I am also passionate about providing therapy for the purpose of personal development and deepening of self-inquiry - - getting "unstuck" when life feels flat.
Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and psychedelic integration.