Carrie Lee, RP

Registered Psychotherapist
Kitchener ON
My approach is collegial, relaxed and interactive and the holistic individual - cognitive, emotional, somatic and spiritual - is invited into the therapeutic relationship. I begin with a very comprehensive intake where I seek to give witness to the client's life journey, from their relations with family of origin right up to present day health and well-being. It begins with building trust and understanding the client's personal patterns of being. I use a variety of approaches and remain staunchly client-centred. Some of my modalities and therapy approaches include: - traditional talk therapy - experiential (art) therapy - somatic/sound therapy - somatosensory therapy (re: trauma) - spiritually integrated intuitive therapy - dreams and symbology - group spiritual psychotherapy - Havening Techniques® - Psychedelic journeying intention-setting and post-journey integration support
I am a Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Psychospiritual Educator and Energy Practitioner and my key desire in my work is to support others in both discovering and living life to full capacity. In all avenues of practice, my focus is emotional healing and spiritual transformation, discovering personal empowerment and stepping into one’s sovereign self – it’s all a matter of ‘soul-fullness.’ My main mission is to help others transmute their fears and emotional blocks/pain into their own personal power, rediscover their true spiritual essence and to step into their dreams on their terms, living their lives fully engaged – discovering the whole of Self. My 20+ years of experience as a process design and improvement professional and expert also uniquely contributes to my personal practice approaches and insight. Life is, after all, a series of processes, seeking practical and incremental awareness, improvements and accomplishments – such applies to the emotional arena as concretely and successfully as anywhere else!
Group spiritual psychotherapy circles - offered in 13-week cycles two to three times per year. This is not just talk therapy. Experiential, holistic approaches and exploration are part of this unique offering and approach. Personal growth/spiritual retreats - like the group psychotherapy circles, the retreats are immersive and experiential and a powerful time of self-discovery. Workshops - half-day and full-day workshops focused on specific themes (like grief, resilience, intention-setting) are offered on occasion through the calendar year and are a great opportunity to begin to explore one's inner sense of self and being and begin to embrace new aspects of self in an empowered way.