Cassandra Biron, LCSW

Psychedelic Psychotherapist
New York NY
Working with me will be unique. No session will look alike. I firmly believe our uniqueness deserves space and exploration. If you are into drawing and painting-we’ll use it. If you’d rather read books-we can read one together. I enjoy learning from my clients and have extensive knowledge of astrology, WoW, and video games-ALL due to my generous clients who have shared their worlds with me. The intake process is the time when you, as the owner of your story, decide what you want to share. I respect the ongoing process that is building trust and support. While I refrain from calling it homework, I do support practice outside of sessions depending on the goals determined by you and the treatment plan. I enjoy working with self-identified weirdos and artists as well as folx in and adjacent to the LGBQT+ community.
My path to becoming a therapist has included living all over the world as a military brat and in sub-Saharan Africa and the Netherlands working in community organizing; knowing people from all over is how I fell in love with people. I am an avid reader and grew up in a large multi-cultural household through international and local adoption. I enjoy cooking and cultivating the creativity to support powerful and unique psychedelic integration treatment to folx. From explaining how neurons interact to adding songs to a playlist-sessions are about how you can support your consciousness and create mindfulness patterns that reflect your genuine self. Therapy is a space for folx to share, discover, and connect. The hour in therapy can be unpacking trauma, listening to your body, watching an inspirational video, or celebrating your recent win. I am honored to share space and connect with folx authentically. My experiences have shaped my unique understanding of the ways in which race, socioeconomic status, and familial background impact us all. I know the forms of social oppression such as racism, sexism, fatphobia, etc function as traumas to the human condition and are often barriers to mental wellness-we won’t spend our session discussing how you can adapt to oppression rather, how you can thrive and connect beyond it.
My practice currently offers Spravato (esketamine) and integration sessions. Individual sessions and couples treatment.