Cassandra Rustvold, LCSW, MEd

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Certified Sex Therapist
Eureka CA
I would describe my approach to helping people heal as integrative, experiential, strength-based, relational and client led. While I have formalized training in clinical therapeutic approaches to therapy, professional and personal experience has taught me that true healing comes about by connecting people to their own inner healer and inherent resources, while also identifying the blocks to this wisdom. I assist clients in accessing this inner healer through an array of modalities that develop and strengthen integrating the individual through body, mind, spirit, and relationship. This means that I do not prioritize cognitive talk therapy approaches as is typically associated with therapy.
While I am a therapist and healer by profession, I am also a regular human on their own vested journey of healing, self-discovery, and growth. I grew up in Idaho where my earliest memories are of rock hunting along the rivers, building forts in fields, and exploring the natural world in general for meaning and connection. As a young girl and adolescent I was always keenly aware that there were many things left unsaid, hidden, and not fully felt that resulted in myself and my loved ones isolation, suffering, and self-rejection. I have, and continue to engage in healing and growth work which includes (but is not limited to) psychedelic-assisted therapy, yoga, NARM therapy, creation work, a meditation practice and cultivating a relationship with nature and play. I see my dedication to the work of healing, integration, and expansion in my own life as a necessity to guiding and walking alongside those courageous souls willing to step into their own shadows and truths. The opportunity to be witness to the depths of the human experience is nothing short of a sacred gift to me and something I hold with humility and deep respect.
Individual Preparation and Integration sessions as well Individual Somatic Experiencing sessions. For those residing in Idaho and California, I offer traditional psychotherapy sessions as well. I offer occasional retreats for men who struggle with OCSB and a weekly online group.