Caterina Bragagnolo, ATR, LCPC

Art Therapist & Integration Specialist
Chicago IL
I work with clients virtually as well as in person and have experience facilitating group and individual psychedelic art therapy integration sessions.
Caterina is a board certified, internationally licensed art therapist and trauma specialist working primarily in private practice since 2012. Her experience providing individual and group therapy sessions at all levels of care and with multiple populations allowed her to cultivate a passion for blending neuroscience, somatic experiencing, attachment theory and creative practice to process adverse experiences and non-ordinary states of consciousness. With the belief that art making can be a pathway to gain insight and understanding of self, she focused on creating and establishing Art therapy programming. Caterina successfully developed and implemented art therapy & trauma resolution programming within Kids Above All Illinois, in over 60 Chicago Public Schools, The Haymarket Center and Cermak Mental Health Correctional Hospital within the Cook County Jail system. Currently, Caterina continues to focus on increasing access to psychedelic art therapy integration. She is also continuing her education by working towards EMDR Certification and becoming IFS certified through the IFS Institute. Additionally, she is a professional member of the European Federation of Art therapy and the Jungian Art Therapist Association. Throughout her professional and personal experiences, Caterina noticed the benefits of incorporating Psychedelic Art therapy practice into integration and using non-verbal forms of self- expression to explore, process and make meaning of the metaphor and symbolism within psychedelic experiences. Her passion is focused on empowering individuals through engagement in the creative process to gain understanding of the self and their experience, while providing support in the process of uncovering one’s innate healing intelligence.