Catherine Warnock, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Las Cruces NM
I believe that counseling is a very personal and individual process. No two people find self-fulfillment and growth from the same methods or practices. I strive to cater my therapeutic services to meet your specific needs and personality. You are the expert on your life. I can help guide your journey and assist you in cultivating the life you want for yourself in individual therapy or for your relationship in couples/marriage counseling. I am passionate about helping others get past the traumas of life that are holding them back. We all experience trauma in different ways throughout our lifetime. Most of the time we are successful in processing the trauma to naturally achieve post-traumatic growth. When something is particularly disturbing and hard to process, it can become painful and leads us to feel stuck. I help clients process through to the other side to experience the growth that allows them to move forward.
Catherine is a Licensed Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor registered in the state of New Mexico and a Licensed Professional Counselor registered in the states of Texas and Colorado. She obtained her Masters in Counseling from the University of Colorado, Denver. Prior to pursuing her graduate degree, Catherine had a career as a Forensic Scientist working as a DNA analyst and a Crime Scene Technician for over 10 years. This experience continues to be helpful in that she can provide a logical and/or emotional perspective depending on what best meets her client’s needs. Catherine is the founder of Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT). She developed this treatment to help clients resolve the stuckness that many of her clients were experiencing. As a result, she developed a trauma-informed treatment that is highly effective in resolving the triggers that cause anger, anxiety, depression, guilt/shame, phobias, unresolved grief, chronic pain, relationship issues, and any other unwanted behaviors.
Individual Counseling Marriage/Couples Counseling Individual Coaching Marriage/Couples Coaching Emotional Triggers Treatment Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Retreats