Cathy S Harris, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Coach
San Diego CA
Online services only, at this time* I offer individual and group work online to those who are seeking support before and after or after a psychedelic experience. My clients will be looking for assistance to process and integrate the work in relation to their past traumatic experiences. If you feel you've had a "bad trip", this may indicate unresolved traumatic events and circumstances. I can help you unravel these experiences. If you are in southern California, you may be eligible for assisted psychedelic work in person. Contact Cathy for more information.* If you are ready to invest in yourself, contact me to discuss your needs.
I am a trauma-informed therapist with over 25 years' experience helping people with practical tools, support and new understanding. I attended college for the first time at 40 years old, after 26 years' membership in a high-control religious group. I eventually left the group and became a licensed therapist. The settings in which I have worked include in-home therapy, civilian and military substance abuse treatment, crisis center and mobile crisis, inpatient and outpatient hospital programs and private practice. In all these settings I have used a trauma-informed approach. Often, the doctors and nurses with whom I worked, were not in agreement with this approach. Trying to help other professionals understand the need to minimize the medical model's symptom-focused approach and pay more attention to clients' and patients' social histories was often frustrating. In recent times, understanding the prevalence of trauma and its relation to what is called "mental illness" has, thankfully, become a common topic of discussion in various treatment settings. My book, So, What Happened to You? is an in-depth look at the development of the trauma-informed model as well as my professional experiences as I promoted this way of thinking. It also includes a tool kit to assist your healing. My evolution has led to my recent involvement in the psychedelic healing world and I am excited to offer individual and group services for preparation and integration of use of this medicine. I currently use a coaching and counseling approach. My years as a licensed therapist informs what I do but I no longer focus on diagnoses or symptoms. I currently offer professional education about "cults", undue influence and high-control groups. The psychedelic world is vulnerable to these dynamics and it's important to be aware how they develop. Most people do not intend to harm others but sometimes humans tend to exploit those they are meant to be helping. The psychedelic world is rapidly becoming mainstream and there will be those who are not really qualified who will offer themselves as experts. Self-awareness is of paramount importance.
Coaching packages Individual sessions Group skills building Veterans and active duty military via The Headstrong Project Educational presentations about cult/high-control dynamics