Center for Conscious Alchemy

Saint Paul MN
Located in St. Paul, we offer individualized and group Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, KAP preparation and integration psychotherapy, integrative psychiatric and psychotherapy services, and KAP medicine retreats in northern Minnesota. We support healing, wholeness, and belonging through the ethical and compassionate use of non-ordinary states of consciousness, combined with integrative psychiatry and psychotherapy, for both individuals and groups. We seek to build a psychedelic-informed community of integrative psychiatric and psychotherapy providers, somatic therapists, energy workers, artists, ceremonialists, justice workers, and medicine holders. We strive to be creative, collaborative, and individualized in our approach to using medicine and therapies and to honor our clients’ embodied wisdom as a principal component of treatment. We are devoted to nurturing a co-healing ethic and to centering accessibility, justice, and engagement with the growing field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and therapeutic medicine work.