Cherie Felzer, LMFT

Psychospiritual Integration Counselor
Naalehu HI
Being human can be confusing, or enlightening, challenging or ecstatic. How we interact with ourselves, and whatever is beyond ourselves can often be the link between seeming opposites. Living in a world where separation and disconnection have become more commonplace, we can rediscover the place where faith and oneness live, knowing that it comes by many names. The process of awakening can be both beautiful and painful, I would be honored to walk beside you on that journey. I follow the client's lead, as we discover together what is needed in each moment. I assist in the integration process of moving through and weaving your deep healing and awakening experiences into your everyday life. I help you prepare for, make sense, find deep meaning, learn how to be with challenging and uncomfortable moments and move with and through your struggles. During our sessions, we will spend time helping to craft an intention for your journey, the anchor that holds both why you are doing what you are doing, as well as what may be learned, experienced or received during your journey. We can go over different tools to help you navigate your experience, as well as a support plan in bringing the learnings back to this reality and becoming a lasting part of your life. When we recognize that these experiences can have a profound and lasting effect on our wellbeing, the way we affect others and the world around us, they can become an integrated part of our daily life, rather than just a one(or multiple) time experience. I offer a calm, solid presence and reverence & joy for life, inviting and supporting you to be with and move through stuckness, struggle and chaos, inspiring and guiding you to listen to your body & connect to yourself, others & the earth so that you can find lightness, freedom, and aliveness, and help you live your purpose meaningfully in the world with integrity and authenticity!
I believe it is in coming together to awaken that true transformation is possible. We are all individuals with different perspectives that weave a web of one; We can enlighten each other into new ways of learning or perceiving the world around us. I understand that to be a capable helper, to help guide people through their own fires, I must be willing to pass through the dark myself, and grasp and embody how to navigate those pathways. It was only after dancing with my own shadows, holding steady and falling apart in scary and confusing times, experiencing deep and powerful medicine journeys, and not understanding how they fit into my everyday reality, moving through that fire and fumbling my way through the dark, trusting lightness, finding the courage to move forward, that I felt ready to take a step, embodied and empowered to honor my calling, the ways in which I give back. It is a continual journey. I am still learning. I have spent the last 25 years working and playing with conscious personal growth, traversing pathways of dark and light, with 20+ years of dance, namely the Open Floor and 5Rhythms movement meditation as my main spiritual practice. Throughout my many years of traveling through countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America, I have learned so much from life, different cultures, and teachers of indigenous traditions, and finally, moved to the bay area in 2007 to pursue graduate studies in somatic counseling psychology, and complete licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. I deepened my relationships with plant medicines and with movement, worked somatically with elders living with dementia, business and law students, women in recovery, war veterans, rites of passage and in nature with children. It has been through these lenses that I learned the most about how to be with, accept, and move through stuckness, struggle, and transition. My personal experiences all inform me, offering a greater perspective, and are woven together with my training to create a truly unique practice for us to explore together the magic of the healing journey.
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