Christian Reusche, MD

Psychiatrist, Psychoanalysis, Psychedelic Research
Santa Monica CA
Therapy is a collaborative process of uncovering, embracing, adapting, and making changes you're willing to make in order to better yourself. I look forward to collaboratively working on what you'd like to understand and learn about yourself; to providing a safe place where you can express yourself, feel open to discuss anything, and explore further into your inner and outer world. I am interested in developing a relationship that allows you to feel comfortable in presenting all sides of yourself. I welcome you to express any feeling that may come up with us during session as this may help us uncover what may be happening in the outside world with other relationships, including how you may treat other parts of yourself. It can be difficult to express thoughts, emotions, fantasies, and vulnerabilities, so it is important to me to provide you with a feeling of spacious time. I also believe in providing you with education and treatment options available, empowering you to make informed decisions around your care. Treatment options are diverse and based on what is helpful. Psychedelic assisted therapies such as Ketamine assisted therapy may be used depending on the case, and the journey is a unique process for everyone. My role is to respect, prepare you, and allow you to be/feel supported and safe with the whole experience; providing a safe, cozy, welcoming environment with interventions as you need them for your journey. Processing is extremely important, especially after a profound experience, so our goal is to discuss, prepare, and incorporate that prior to and after your experience.
I'm a board certified psychiatrist that completed psychiatric training from the Medical University of South Carolina. I've worked in all types of settings, including: inpatient hospitals, outpatient community mental health centers, consult liaison services, correctional psychiatry, tele-psychiatry, medical-legal services, and private practice, which has been the most extensive. The psychedelics & MDMA assisted therapy training was achieved through MAPS, and mentoring was facilitated by the Mithoefers, when they resided in Charleston, SC. Psychoanalytic training has been acquired through the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas, where I've been training for over 5yrs. Ketamine assisted therapy was facilitated by Dr. Yevgeniy Gelfand in Charleston, SC. For further information, please feel welcomed to check out