Christina Clapperton, MEd, MSW, RSW, EMDR

Nelson BC
All the counselling and plant medicines in the world will not realize their potential without intentional integration. I'll help you remove blocks to healing, clarify your intentions and goals, and take an active role in your healing - moving from survival modes to optional states of being. I use ancient technologies in animism, tantra, kundalini yoga, and entheogens to help individuals harness their innate intelligence for profound transformation. You may be a good fit if you are open to a spiritual approach to the medicine and have a sincere desire to engage in self-reflection and transformative work, rather than simply looking for an experience or a quick fix. That is, you are interested in conscious psychedelic use. From there your intentions may be therapeutic healing, spiritual awakening, or cosmological exploration. And yet you may feel a call to work with me without specific intentions yet. If so, I invite you to trust your inner guidance.
I have a Master of Social Work and co-own a practice in Counselling/Psychotherapy, EMDR, and shamanic healing and coaching. I am a trauma-informed psychedelic facilitator and ceremonialist. As a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier, I bring Andean medicine and cross-cultural shamanistic elements to my ceremonial work. I am committed to guiding clients in all stages of their journeys from finding relief from distress, to making meaning out of trauma or difficulties, to accessing their vital life force energy for feeling vibrant, blissful, and full with the joy of living.
1:1: Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy - a container to prepare for safe and effective integration 1:1 or Couples - Trauma-Informed Medicine Ceremonies 1:1 Psychotherapy/Counselling or EMDR 2:2 Sacred Relationship Counselling – female and male practitioner Office is in Nelson, BC, Canada If out of town, there are options for Online Therapy or travel for Intensive/Retreat with on-site Airbnb Preparation Empowered with information to determine if the Sacrament is safe and right for you Knowing what to expect to relax into and welcome the experience Create the space to integrate the experience and develop tools to support integration Ceremony Ceremonies are facilitated with reverence and humility using the Sacrament that has the potential for the experience of Samadhi - the highest state of consciousness with accompanying bliss and peace as the Self is absorbed into the Infinite (Oneness) Integration Integration is intended to maximize neural pathway, nervous system, and behavioural change Check-ins and supportive counselling give vital information to make sense of what might come up Assistance moving excess energy - reiki or guiding shamanic energy work Emotional regulation - revisiting tools learned in preparation Please contact me to book a free discovery call