Brownsville TX
I work with clients in-person or remotely. I work with individuals and small groups. I host a retreat twice per year, usually in April and October.
Christine is a distinguished Licensed Professional Counselor, specializing in trauma-informed care and certified in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. With a compassionate approach and a deep understanding of the healing journey, Christine integrates Internal Family Systems Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and cutting-edge somatic techniques to offer personalized support and empowerment to those navigating the complexities of trauma and emotional healing. As a dedicated practitioner, Christine's expertise extends to the innovative realm of psychedelic-assisted therapy, where she skillfully guides clients through transformative experiences. Her certification in this groundbreaking field underscores her commitment to exploring holistic and effective treatment modalities. Christine is also a passionate educator, teaching a course on "Transcending Trauma" designed to empower clients with the tools and understanding needed to reclaim their lives from the shadows of past experiences. For fellow therapists, she offers "Navigating Ketamine Journeys," a comprehensive course that equips professionals with the knowledge and skills to support clients through ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, ensuring safe and transformative healing journeys. With a holistic approach to mental health, Christine's practice is rooted in the belief that healing is a multi-dimensional process. She incorporates the principles of Internal Family Systems Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy to facilitate a deep exploration of the self, fostering emotional healing and personal growth. Her use of somatic techniques further enhances the therapeutic experience, enabling clients to connect with their bodies in profound and healing ways. Christine's commitment to her clients' well-being, combined with her extensive training and innovative therapeutic methods, make her a leading figure in the field of mental health and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Whether you are seeking support to overcome trauma, navigate life's challenges, or embark on a journey of self-discovery, Christine offers a safe, supportive, and transformative therapeutic relationship. Discover the path to healing and empowerment with Christine, and experience the profound impact of her expert guidance and compassionate care.
A course for everyone, Transcending Your Trauma, a 10 week course with on-demand videos by Dr. Keesha Ewers and weekly facilitation calls with Christine. A course for therapists, navigating Ketamine Journeys: A Comprehensive Course from Beginning to the End of a Ketamine Client.