Christine Villarosa, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner
Los Angeles CA
I strive to meeting the client where they are in their journey in a compassionate and individualized way, creating a safe space where they feel comfortable sharing about their experiences. We all come with so many nuances, so being able to devise a plan in partnership with my clients based on their individual needs, trying my best to truly hear their concerns to be able to effectively guide their treatment is very important to me.
I'm a board certified Nurse Practitioner who resides in Southern CA. I've been in nursing for over 15 years and have been honored to care for patients of all different backgrounds with a wide variety of needs. I have a background in Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and have been working with Ketamine treatments for psychiatric disorders over the past several years. It has been thrilling seeing patients dramatically improve with psychedelic treatment, after years of failed or mediocre response to traditional treatment. I feel so honored to accompany clients in their journeys, and I'm so grateful to have found a space in healthcare I feel truly aligned with.
Ketamine assisted treatment for psychiatric disorders. General/traditional psychiatric services.