Christopher Brown, LICSW

Seattle WA
I work with clients in the preparation and integration phases of psychedelic-assisted therapy. While I do not offer experiential sessions with psychedelics, I can discuss risks/benefits as informed by research. I'll work with you before and after to make the most of those experiences and have the best integration from psychedelic therapy possible.
Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Struggling to perform at your best? Is your mind racing when you need it to slow down? Sleep issues? Too reactive toward others? These are common signs of someone with unresolved stress or trauma. The good news is we have tools to help you change toward healing, growth, and optimal performance. I can help you overcome the impacts of stress and trauma, achieving the life you know you’re capable of. As an expert in EMDR therapy, I help clients resolve internal blocks, optimize performance, and overcome stress or trauma. For clients who request it, I can also support the integration of therapeutic psychedelic experiences. With a foundation of 7 years in trauma work over thousands of hours, I'm confident in my ability to help you heal and thrive.
I work with adults who are seeking to overcome past traumas, mental blocks, or enhance their overall quality of life. I offer psychotherapy services to clients residing in Washington State where I'm licensed, who are working to overcome specific symptoms of a diagnosis. Fees: flat rate $200/hr.