Christopher Corey, LMFT

CA Licensed Psychotherapist
San Francisco CA
I believe that part of why we are here is to learn to love and be loved. We are here to learn to be in relationship. This includes loving ourselves. Unfortunately, many of us have been wounded in our relationships. In therapy, we work together in relationship – and that same place of wounding can become a source of healing. Relationship comes from contact, and how you and I make contact will inform much of our work. What happens in contact? Where does the anxiety surface? How does the anxiety surface? How do we protect ourselves? What is the experience of being in relationship? Where are the boundaries? These are some of the areas we can explore.
I come from a unique background with a mosaic of experiences that have brought me to this field. I blend the threads of activism from my days as a gay youth leader in Boston and an AIDS activist in NYC, of rigorous academic training from my days at Columbia University and the California Institute of Integral Studies, and the spiritual energies initiated by my ongoing deep involvement with the Western Mystery Tradition and Hermetic sciences. I have been supervising others in their spiritual quests for over fifteen years within the tradition I follow, and have been a practitioner of a form of Hermetic meditation for over twenty years. I am dedicated to continual self-growth and my quest is often reflected in my work. My truth is not yours, yet I can help you along the path. The experiences I’ve had in my life have proven to be of help to others in their navigation of difficult times. I hope to contribute the learning I’ve gained through difficult life challenges, as well as the wisdom gained through successes I've achieved.