Christopher Walter, LPC

Breathworker & Licensed Professional Counselor
Doylestown PA
My work begins with a curiosity about who you understand yourself to be, how you relate to yourself, to others, to the world, and to the divine. We explore your interest in integration, growth, and transformation and how to walk that path - the risks, the rewards, entering into ritual, integrating the experience. We will also explore anxieties, risks, challenges, and obstacles as well as resources, successes, hopes, and dreams. Ultimately, your inner process will be our best guide.
As a child, I had a dream, which opened me up to the wisdom of my inner world and that which was beyond me. I followed this with great curiosity, exploring nature and the cosmos, dreams, tarot, God & mysticism, meditation, sexuality, martial arts, shamanism, and consciousness. Along this path, my formal academic training has involved psychology and consciousness: I earned a B.S in psychology from Penn State University, and an M.A. in Counseling from Arcadia University. My first experience of Holotropic Breathwork accelerated my inner process and several years later I received certification in Breathwork, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Guidance from the International Institute for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychotherapy in Freiburg, Germany. My professional life currently includes my private psychotherapy practice - where I have particular interest in Integration therapy, psycho-spiritual work, Breathwork & consciousness, spiritual emergence, sexuality & gender, and trauma - as well as my roles in a graduate counseling psychology program as an Internship coordinator and adjunct faculty.