Ciara Christensen, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
Milwaukee WI
As a Certified Psychedelic Therapist I will guide individuals through the intake, assessment, and treatment following a standard protocol for ketamine-assisted therapy. The treatment duration is tailored to the individuals needs and presenting concern(s). I also provide assistance with preparation, intention setting, integration and/or ongoing support as needed. With my background in clinical psychology and clinical hypnosis we will use techniques in sync with your needs. You will be able to use techniques you learn to improve focus, attention, relaxation, relationships with others, and feel self-confident.
A little about me - I finished my PhD in 2012 from Washington State University (Pullman, Wa.) and currently work in my private practice, as a licensed Clinical Psychologist. My intent and hope, is to offer individuals a warm, welcoming, and calm space where they can begin to explore their concerns, current challenges, or perhaps feelings of stagnation. I rely on my training, which is a blend of Person Centered Therapy, Ego State Therapy (quite similar to Internal Family Systems), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - as well as tools like hypnosis, breath work, nutritional supplements, and plant based medicines/KAP, to assist people during their therapeutic journey. From my experience, when we can creatively blend therapeutic and healing techniques it offers a sense of novelty. As a result, curiosities from within are peaked and this can generate access to broader domains of conscious awareness, or said another way – different ways of thinking. I believe we are the keepers of the solutions which may hold us back – and I also believe it is a ‘gift to self’ when we give ourself time and space to discover ‘what comes next.’
** As a psychologist, I am not able to prescribe Ketamine. However, working with a prescriber we will be able to determine appropriateness for treatment, as well as the dosages for treatments moving forward. First visit: Clinical intake/assessments to determine appropriateness for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) - $250.00 Second visit: Assist with preparation for KAP (1 hr - $200.00) Third visit: KAP administration (*work with a prescriber for dosage) (2 hrs - $300) Forth visit ( + ) : Assist with psychedelic integration after treatment (hourly rate - $200) ** Supplementary experiences and resources are included I also provide outdoor wilderness experiential retreats - these offer real, raw, and remarkable moments. While it is not quite "forest bathing" these experiences are steeped in nature and infused with vibrant fresh air. (*Prices will vary) For additional information/questions on the highlights above - feel free to connect with me via email -