Cole Marta, MD


Specialties: Psychiatry, ketamine for treatment-resistant depression and PTSD, psychodynamic, supportive and cognitive behavioral therapies, psychedelic integration

Services Offered: One-on-one, ketamine treatment

Sessions: Telemedicine and In Person (Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA)

Clinic: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy




Dr. Marta went to medical school in Chicago, and psychiatry residence at UCLA Sepulveda VA. He has extensive experience working with non-ordinary states as a long-time Zendo Project volunteer and supervisor, as well as through FDA and DEA approved research like MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD. His academic focus is on psychedelics harms and potential medical uses, and he has published in peer-reviewed academic journals on ibogaine, ketamine, and MDMA.

How I work with clients

I see patients in my private practice offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. I work with ketamine for treatment resistant depression and treatment resistant PTSD. Ketamine treatments are done in the office with myself or mental health staff with specific training in working with non-ordinary states. I am leading the Los Angeles team for MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD phase III studies, sponsored by MAPS, and hope that this will be offered at my clinics, pending FDA approval.



Medical Doctor (MD) – CA


MD from Chicago Medical School Psychiatry Residency at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Sepulveda VA




Zendo Project Harm Reduction Training

Psychedelic Trainings

MAPS MDMA Therapy Training Program


California, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara

Online Sessions


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