Collin Hoctor, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Puyallup WA
Considering medicine work I find the relationship we build is extremely important. Allowing yourself to drop in to a vulnerable, scary, exciting, and far-out experience is greatly facilitated if you can trust those around you. In our early sessions, before any medicine, we will build our connection and see what it is like to be two humans together. As I build my understanding of your internal landscape there will be many times where we check in together to see if the feeling is aligned and we can take each next step mindfully. During your medicine work I will be a calm and quiet presence allowing you to drop in, I will offer guidance and help in times of need, and I will be a loving witness at each and every moment.
Coming from a background in existential philosophy, Buddhist meditation, spiritual longing, and transpersonal psychology, I have always been a seeker. For a long time I found my work as a psychotherapist sufficient to help others on their path. After returning to my life-long interest in psychedelic medicine I found there was a 'way' of healing that did not involve me so much in that it was deeply personal to the one partaking. I came to see the true value of the medicine and how it can help others progress quickly, dive deeply, and make sense in a way that can be difficult with traditional methods. I would be honored to support you in your journey of healing, wellness, and a return to YOU!
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