Conscious Mind Clinic

Vancouver BC
We work with clients in a variety of approaches: In-person and online appointnments One on one counselling and coaching services Group counselling and coaching services Workshops Educational seminars
Our approach to holistic wellness centers on a comprehensive and integrated perspective that takes into account the entirety of an individual and their intricate web of connections. At the core of our philosophy is a profound belief in the innate intelligence residing within each being. We recognize that the potential for healing and growth is an inherent aspect of our human nature, and that the healer resides within each of us.
Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (Health Canada Model and Harm Reduction Model) Microdosing Coaching/Counselling Preparation and/or Integration support (group and individual) Naturopathic Services Medication Consultations ADHD Treatment and support Workshops in collaboration with community partners such as: The Flying Sage, TheraPsil, The Nourished Woman, The Integrative nurse Restorative/regenerative Aesthetic Services coming soon Ketamine Assisted Therapy program coming soon