Coreen Strozyk, LCPC

Therapist, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Provider
Stevensville MT
Currently, I see clients one day per week face to face. All other sessions are held via telehealth from my Simple Practice Portal. This allows you to be in the comfort of your own safe space and me to wear jeans to work. :)
Hi, I'm Coreen. I've been working with children since 2009. If you or your child have been struggling with life transitions, anxiety, depression, or overwhelm my services are here to support you. I am also a certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Provider (PATP) trained by the Integrative Psychiatry Institute in 2022. I offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for personal growth and healing mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is my honor to walk with you into post-traumatic growth, with decreased depression and anxiety symptoms, and a desire to re-engage with loved ones and life once again.
Often we hold our emotions in our bodies. It's time we listened. I can guide and support you in increasing awareness and mindfulness of where, how, and what your body is communicating. We can process how that may differ from what our minds are saying to find more harmony and peace within. I offer an integrative approach that includes various aspects of life from the food you eat to the amount of movement and self-care you engage in.