Courtney Moore, LAC

Licensed Acupuncturist
San Francisco CA
For acupuncture patients, I rely heavily on pulse diagnosis and constitutional assessment. Treatments include acupuncture, herb and supplement recommendations, and sometimes light bodywork (massage, cupping, gua sha, liniments). Intuitive readings and Tarot may be included as well. The goals of treatment are harmonizing the energies of the body, moving stagnation, and reconnecting with the essential self. For online patients, I offer conversations informed by the state of their energetic field and and messages that come through psychically. This can include chakra or aura readings, channeling, Tarot cards, and Reiki healings. Patients are often given writing prompts or small homework assignments.
I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist and intuitive healer specializing in muscular pain, emotional health, and spiritual growth. Chinese medicine offers a sophisticated approach to consciousness expansion, and this is particularly powerful when combined with a New Age understanding of psychospiritual realms. This work can be a powerful tool for integrating psychedelic experiences and coming even more fully in alignment with your truth and your path. Education: MS Traditional Chinese Medicine, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Art of the Seer, Portland Psychic School BA Philosophy, Bryn Mawr College Certificate in Sport and Health Massage, Eastern Institute of Hawke's Bay GED, Santa Catalina School
Patients can select: * A course of hands-on work, which begins with a two-hour session and continues with weekly or bimonthly sessions (30 or 60 minutes) * A course of online work, which includes weekly 30-minute calls for 3-6 months * An online 12-week program to explore the mind-body connection and resolve persistent muscular pain