Curt Kearney, MA, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Evanston IL
I draw from an integrative mental health perspective, which means to me that we can collaborate together around right relationship and rightful roles with your body, your mind, spirit, and community. Psychedelic assisted work for healing and growth are, I think, highly integrative around body-mind-spirit-community, so I find such an integrative approach in therapy or coaching to be a helpful, natural extension. I like to customize how we might work together (I think your wisdom is at least as important as mine in this process), but I generally tend to draw a lot on IFS (Internal Family Systems therapy); meditation; Jungian psychology; psychospiritual work; as well as more conventional CBT, DBT, Schema Therapy, and psychoanalysis. We also might draw on herbalism; lifestyle for vitality and well being; prayer and ritual; working with spiritual traditions you might be active in or interested in (Native, Eastern, Western, creative); and building and participating in community. This is all both personally and professionally very important to me, I am an active in my own integration.
I was raised in Wilmette, Illinois, just north of Chicago. I went to college and graduate school in California. I now live with my wife and children in Evanston, Illinois.