Dan Fleitman, MD

Medical Doctor and Psychotherapist

Specialties: Integration therapy, individual therapy, trauma therapy, mindfulness meditation, somatic work

Services Offered: Individual, group, psychedelic integration (individuals), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, holistic approaches, mind-body therapy, somatic therapy, mindfulness training

Sessions: Telehealth & In person (Mexico City, Mexico)

Website: www.sanacionprofunda.com


Dan Fleitman is a Licensed Body-Oriented Psychotherapist and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist, he is also a Licensed Medical Doctor with an expertise integrating Psychology, Western Medicine and Spiritual Growth. Dan works as a Psychotherapist, a meditation instructor and as a deep process facilitator in Mexico City.

He provides integration psychotherapy sessions for people after experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness, he also has a deep understanding and long training working with severe psychological abuse or trauma. Dan has been part of numerous academic and clinical staffs, he worked as an assistant professor in the school for Body-Mind Psychotherapy at the Riedman College for Complementary Medicine he was a professor at the Integra Institute for Body Psychotherapy and he served as a Process Facilitator for MA students in the Universidad del Medio Ambiente (UMA). Dan offers talks, courses and retreats in Mexico City and nearby

How I work with clients

My first commitment with my clients is creating a secure and optimal ground for deep work, I practice an Integrative approach to Psychotherapy that has been shaped during the years by my academic studies, my mentors and teachers and also by my own deep explorative process.
The core of my clinical practice is creating an optimal therapeutic setting so individuals can explore their deep feelings and experience; this approach promotes the development of inner strength and a self-secure experience that fosters intrapsychic and interpersonal growth.
I give radical importance to an active and judge free listening while at the same time giving clients a fresh point of view.


Medical Doctor (Mexico) Body-Oriented Psychotherapist (Israel)


Body-Oriented Psychotherapy (Riedman College for Complementary Medicine) Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy (International Focusing Institute) Medical Doctor (Universidad Anahuac)


Spanish, English, Hebrew


Deep Tissue Massage Training (Riedman College for Complementary Medicine) Holistic Massage Training (Riedman College for Complementary Medicine)

Online Sessions


Location Mexico, Mexico City

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