Dan Ronken, LAC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addiction Counselor
Boulder CO
If you’re in recovery, considering a psychedelic experience will likely bring up a lot of questions. Especially if you have been taught that all “mind-altering” substances are to be avoided. You may be leery of using a substance to tap into this unconscious territory — I totally understand. For those who have been properly screened both medically and psychologically, using psychedelics responsibly hold great potential for healing addictive patterns that have developed over time. A contained psychedelic experience may offer great reach into your unconscious mind and bring to light past memories, mental processes, and emotional patterns that were previously inaccessible. There are probably a number of things on your mind that you would like to explore. No need to feel overwhelmed. Together we will delve deep into what you are specifically hoping to gain from a psychedelic experience. We will investigate what feels most significant and will do everything in our power to make it a safe healing experience for you. I believe that people have the dignity and right to recover on their own terms. I share the same definition of recovery as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA): “Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.”
I’m an experienced licensed therapist in Boulder, CO and Minneapolis, MN and a person in long term recovery. I am a pursuer of novelty, which has led me to experience some of life’s greatest highs as well its painful lows. In all of these instances, I have sought deeper meaning. Credentials: - Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) - Colorado - Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) - Colorado - Co-Lead Trainer for Year-Long Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training Program -- Integrative Psychiatry Institute (IPI), Colorado - Ketamine & Psychedelic Medicine Training -- Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI), Colorado - Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Training - Center for Optimal Living, NYC - Masters in Psychology with Emphasis on Co-occuring Disorders - Adler Graduate School, Minnesota I received my MA in Adlerian Psychology with an emphasis in Co-occuring Disorders from Adler Graduate School. Co-occuring (also known as dual diagnosis) can be described as someone who simultaneously experiences mental health symptoms, e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., and a substance use disorder. With that said, I’m not a huge fan of labels and my philosophy is more open minded. I believe individual differences matter. Back to my story. Getting support for understanding my unconscious patterns of how I related to myself and the world was a critical component for transformation to occur. Another truth is that insight is not enough. I had to learn how to work with these mental and emotional patterns. This didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of emotional honesty, gentleness, supportive relationships, and most importantly, patience. Believe me. It’s worth the time and effort.
I offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy packages and prices range from $4499 - $7999.