Dana Locke, LMFT

Murphys CA
I love working with people, listening their stories, encouraging them to find compassion for themselves and regard for their own strengths and wisdom. We then work to co-create meanings of, perspectives on, their life lessons, ones that empower them and open a path to more confident authenticity. Along the way we find practices, tools, that help them get back on track when derailed by life events. Just now I am working only online and see individuals, couples, and adult families.
I am a psychotherapist [Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist] in practice over 25 in Oakland, California until 2 years ago and now in Murphys, California online. Always curious about people's stories and how they became who they are, I studied psychology, human development, and philosophy, and at the University of Kansas.
Just now I am working online only and see individuals, couples, and adult families. Also, I offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Integration Therapy.