Daniel Parry, MBACP

Gloucester ENG
I have been in my private practice in Gloucester UK since 2020 and practice with an Integrative Approach to Counselling. Using Person centred and Psychodynamic Theory as a basic framework for our work. Which basically means working with any thing you may bring and talking about how it effects you in the here and now, and also looking at what may have happened in the past and potential areas that may need to be revisited. The work we do together goes at the pace you are comfortable with and whatever you can bring we can work through together. It is my understanding that The Therapy can only go as deep as the Therapist is willing to go, and this depth is set by yourself. I am willing to go as deep as you are on the Therapeutic journey. We can work with anything you would like to share, processing these experiences together. I also have the use of a Hypnagogic Light, which can be used within our time together. One of its benefits is said to help to release the natural occurring Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) from the Pineal gland, and some clients find it an interesting tool to use along side the Therapeutic journey. The time we spend together is yours and it is up to you how we spend it. All sessions are strictly confidential and all Therapeutic work I/we undertake will be inline with current UK Law.
Since the early 90’s I have found comfort in talking to others. During the rave scene in the UK I found the combination of a collective consciousness a life altering experience. Whether in a group of thousand’s or with just one other the power of like minds has the potential to change lives. I have personally experimented with various substances to gain a greater insight into “Myself”. Plant medicine has played a great part in discovering my True self. I had always had an interest in talking with others and it was from the loss of a close friend which gave me the motivation to embark on qualifying as a Counsellor. I observed how this friend followed the current UK medical Model and became more detached from himself and others around him. I think there are other ways to reconnect with ourselves and heal from disconnect we have experienced on our journeys. I found that Talking Therapy is a big part of any healing process. It is by relationship we can be damaged and by relationship we can all heal. Relationship with others and relationship with ourselves. Along with my own practice I have over the years worked with Homeless and Youth Charities to build up a diverse range of clients that I have had the pleasure in working with and helping them to process their world.