Daniel Roberts, MD, MSW

New York NY
I treat individuals with a variety of concerns, such as depression and anxiety, other distressing mood states such as bipolar illnesses, trauma, grief, or mild substance use problems. I also work with individuals who struggle with a sense of existential dissatisfaction, who may feel that their lives and current trajectory do not fully align with their core values. I work within a psychodynamic framework, providing psychotherapy, and medications as indicated, and I tailor treatment for each individual patient and their specific needs. Regarding psychedelic-related work, I offer consultations for individuals who are in treatment with another provider and are considering ketamine or other psychedelic use and would like to discuss the potential risks and benefits of these options.
I am a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice in Manhattan and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, where I am the attending psychiatrist at the World Trade Center Health Program, and a clinician-researcher at the NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine (CPM). At the NYU CPM, I am a study physician and therapist on a number of clinical trials exploring psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for a variety of therapeutic applications. I am highly active in the training and supervision of therapists on multiple trials, and I am also involved in a tri-institutional project with NYU, Yale, and Johns Hopkins to create a psychedelics curriculum for psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals. Outside of NYU, I am also on the training faculty of the psychedelic education company Fluence. I have been practicing psychotherapy for many years, having provided individual and group therapy as a clinical social worker before beginning my medical training.