Danielle Peloquin, RCC, MA

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Fort St. John BC
I engage with people using a collaborative approach. I work with the client to guide their own therapy experience. If one of my clients is considering or has already had a psychedelic experience, it is often helpful to have a guide to alert the person to potential risks and benefits, and to assist them in integrating profound new insights (or challenging experiences) into existing patterns of thought, feelings, and behaviour. Psychological history and experiences can have a big impact on how the experience is perceived. I do not advocate or endorse illicit drug use but take a harm reduction approach to help people who have already had experiences or are planning to have them. I act within legal and ethical bounds to guide and support people who choose to make use of substances by providing access to knowledge and therapy in order to reduce the potential for harm and to promote mental and spiritual health and well being. I do not offer psychedelic-assisted therapy. I can, within the scope of my practice, help people to prepare for and consider their rationale for psychedelic experiences. I do not give medical advice and my services are not a substitute for the medical care of physicians or nurses or the spiritual care of shamans with years of dedicated specialized training and practice in the traditional ceremonial use of sacred medicines.
I am a gardener, a mom of two boys, a person with ADHD and someone with a thirst for learning. I specialize in working with all neurodivergent people (ADHD, and Autism). I have training specific to men's issues, sex therapy and neurodivergence. I can help navigate relationship/marriage issues including blended families, cross-cultural relationships, sexual dysfunction and consensual non-monogamy.