Danna Anderson, LPC, LMHC

Ridgefield CT
When you learn how to come home to yourself, you gain power and choice in your life. You enjoy healthier relationships and you can live in connection to spirit. Healing brings you a deeper acceptance of yourself and a deeper sense of belonging within the world. Life isn’t easy or comfortable, yet instead of pushing away our pain, we must learn how to create our own sense of safety, so we can embrace life. We learn to support ourselves and each other so we can move through the stressful moments. It will not always be easeful, but we can cobble together some grace to move through it quicker, and nurture a place of inner peace to take refuge in along the way. I believe that through mindful presence and acceptance, we can heal in mind, body and spirit. Whatever you’re going through, you don’t need to go through it alone.
I am passionate about walking with others as they embark on their own healing journeys. I live in a space of honesty and authenticity around my own trauma and healing transformation. We are all on this path together. My job is to support you along the way. As an empath, I know how hard it can be to navigate this crazy world without becoming absorbed in all the pain around you. My work as a therapist has taught me boundaries and the deepest forms of self care. My greatest passion is to help my clients find the freedom.