Darcy Constans, MD

Seattle WA
I work with clients by creating a space for them to safely explore who they are, in part by looking at the stories they have formed about themselves and their experiences. The tools each client needs vary widely and can include learning new coping skills, identifying personal narratives and limiting beliefs, normalizing challenging experiences, understanding and accepting our different "parts", working with the somatic experiences of our emotions, building a supportive spiritual practice, and many more. Over fifteen years I have learned that although we all face very, very similar core challenges, the tone and specifics of each person's experience are vastly different.
After fifteen years of working for large healthcare organizations I decided to close that chapter of my professional life to start my own mental health and psychedelic medicine practice. I am thrilled to be focusing my time and attention on the work I am truly passionate about - supporting individuals through emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges. I hold the following identities: I am a mother, I am white, I am queer, I use she/they pronouns, I am partnered, I am a teacher, I am non-monogamous, I live with chronic illness, I am a healer, I am an artist, I am anti-fascist.
I offer ketamine assisted therapy.