David Harb, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Nashville TN
When we meet you’ll experience someone who cares, someone who is genuinely interested in helping you confront the problems in your life as you make your way towards positive, lasting change. Together we’ll explore your thoughts and feelings, and I’ll offer you fresh perspectives through evidence-based interventions informed by the latest scientific research. We will identify your potential for growth and challenge the beliefs and behaviors that keep you from experiencing happiness, harmony, and health.
Hi. I’m David, and I would be honored to work with you as your therapist. As both a clinician and supervisor, I have worked in academic, non-profit, and private practice settings where I’ve received extensive training in both Dialectical Behavior Therapy and a Common Factors approach, which means I don’t shy away from tough cases, and I have a deep understanding of how interventions really work for my clients. My clinical approach is further informed by my executive experience and background in the creative arts. I will work creatively and collaboratively with you to address whatever concerns you bring in for therapy, providing a supportive and accepting space in which you and the people in your life can speak freely and openly about your unique fears, hopes, dreams, and goals.