David Hayden, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Portland OR
I tend to work with clients on a weekly or bi-weekly level. This work can be remote, or in-person, depending on the needs of their nervous system and their goals within the work. I also offer EMDR intensives, which are a deep dive into the skills needed for psychedelic integrative and preparative work, as well as offering us the ability to touch on unhealed developmental experiences that might need additional holding outside of the traditional 50-minute psychotherapy session.
I am a queer white psychotherapist with a specialization in attachment work, and utilizing a variety of approaches. I have been in private practice for a number of years, and as part of my work often offer psychedelic integration services. I specialize in working with those with developmental trauma, those coming out of religious trauma, and individuals seeking to integrate psychedelic experiences.
Outside of weekly therapy, which is a staple within my practice, I also offer intensives. These are extend sessions, which often are perfect for those seeking to prepare for expanded states work. During these intensives, we identify key milestones within development and use a variety of interpersonal neurobiology approaches to build inroads to these areas. This allows those who are seeking expanded states work to balance being able to surrender to the experience, while also having the skills needed to transverse their inner landscape.