David Londono, PSY

Madrid Madrid
My therapeutic work focuses on listening and awareness. Through listening I seek to get people to listen to themselves, to connect with them and to develop self-knowledge. It is a deep work, focused not only on the solution of the symptoms but also on allowing each person to recognize and value themselves, to be faithful to their own being and to follow their path in life with greater freedom and care. My work focuses on the recognition of the unconscious and on promoting personal growth through awareness. I pay attention to dreams and other manifestations of the unconscious and am interested in connecting people to their own knowledge rather than imposing it from the outside.
I am a psychotherapist with 15 years of personal and profound experience in working with ayahuasca and other master plants including 6 years living in the Peruvian Amazon, where I deepened my practice of psychotherapy, traditional medicine and the bridges between them. I have been dedicated to psychotherapy in different centers in Colombia, Argentina and Peru where i worked for 5 years as a psychotherapist and coordinator of the therapeutic team of the Takiwasi Center in the amazonas. In Spain, I have coordinated the clinical team of the Hermanosis Center, developing a training in psychological integration of the work with master plants. Actually I reside in Spain, and have sessions with people from all over the world through Skype, treating a wide range of aspects of the human condition, and in particular addictions. I am currently a member of the ICEERS team, researching and promoting models of good practice, ethics and safety in working with ayahuasca. Along with my dedication to psychotherapy I have been and I am a patient and student of traditional indigenous medicine. I am used to and appreciate working with people from very diverse cultures.