David Londoño, PSY

Barcelona B
My therapeutic work focuses on listening and awareness. Through listening I seek to help people to listen to themselves, to connect with themselves, and to increase self-knowledge. It is a deep kind of work, that focuses not only on the resolution of symptoms, but also on supporting clients to respect themselves and to walk their path in life with greater freedom and care. During the sessions we often attend to dreams and explore other manifestations of the unconscious. However, rather than following a particular agenda or protocol, the process tends to unfold individually and organically towards connecting people to their own voice.
I am an expert in integration work, psychologist and psychotherapist with 20 years of experience holding integration sessions with individuals and groups in a variety of contexts and cultures Aside from my training and practice in conventional psychotherapy, my expertise also draws on two decades of direct experience with traditional/Indigenous therapeutic approaches including ayahuasca, and other master plants. My practice as a psychotherapist has been greatly enriched by my apprenticeship in traditional Indigenous medicines particularly during the 6 years I was living in the Peruvian Amazon. My professional practice has taken me to a variety of geographic regions and therapeutic settings, including healing centers working with ayahuasca in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Europe. I have worked as psychotherapist and coordinator of the therapeutic team of the Takiwasi Addiction Treatment Center (Peru) for 5 years. Furthermore, I have offered training to the clinical team of the Hermanosis Healing Center (Spain) in psychological integration when working with master plant diets. I currently reside in Barcelona, Spain, where I work as part of the ICEERS team coordinating an international Support-Center that offers integration sessions to people struggling after a difficult psychedelic experience. At ICEERS I further teach online courses focusing on safety, as well as on good practices, integration and ethics in relation to working with ayahuasca and psychedelics in non-native contexts. I offer private therapy sessions to individuals from across the planet, working with a wide spectrum of problems and aspects of the human condition, clinical or not. I much enjoy working with people from diverse cultures and have acquired extensive experience and adaptability in this context. I am passionate about traditional indigenous medicines, as well as psychotherapy, and about continuous learning in both contexts.