Dean Alan Sims, MAR, LCDC

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
Houston TX
I utilize a Collaborative Conversational Model grounded in intentional authentic presence. I am interested in you and your story and helping you unwind it to find the meaning and message that is there for you. I am not going to pathologize you. I am going to treat you like a competent human being who has the ability to muster all the resources required to live a life of recovery. By the way, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) definition of recovery is: A process of change where individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. Real recovery for me is recovering my True Self. Integrative & Trauma-informed Theoretical Orientation – I combine Jungian theory of personality, past insight, and archetypes, including the view of addiction as a form of Initiation; Attachment Theory – how you connected with your primary caregivers as a child and whether you felt the world is a safe place or not; Bowen Family Systems which tells us that we are products of a family system and that we must look at our relationships to understand the individual behavior; Choice Theory also known as Reality Therapy which says we have basic needs and we will choose to act in ways to get those needs met; Solution Focused, which is all about doing. Awareness without action gets me nowhere. I am always learning and will show you how having this perspective will make your life more interesting and meaningful. I am also aware of the convergence happening in any situation, i.e., my past propelling me into the future. I look forward to discovering with clients who they are and how they want to be. I can teach you the methods that will facilitate your own story coming together in an AMAZING way you probably could never have imagined.
I have a background that is non-traditional and as I tell clients, “I earned my seat here the hard way.” I have extensive personal experience with psychedelics and transpersonal states of consciousness. I have a breadth of experience and see the connections and weave them together in a coherent way that will offer you an expanded awareness of what is possible. I have a Master’s Degree from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary in Iowa in Spiritual Care. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in History from The University of Texas at Austin; I also took 24 hours of Philosophy. I got my Chemical Dependency Counseling Certificate from Lone Star College – Montgomery – Greater Houston Area and am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas. I am also a Certified Spiritual Emergence Coach. I have studied and read extensively in the fields of spirituality, psychology, and religion. If you are interested in something I can probably talk about it with you and help you explore further.