Deborah Chong, MD

Holistic Gynecologist
Nevada City CA
I work in person and will occasionally work with a client over zoom (not for psychedelic therapy). My approach is multi-fold and includes: nutrition, microbiome, lifestyle, herbal supplements, energy and psychedelics.
I am a Gynecologist in Northern California. I have been a practicing for over 20 years in obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health. During this time, I was Chief of Gynecology at my local hospital. In addition to having my own patients, I’ve been a teacher to residents and medical students. I started my own 501c3 non-profit organization in 2006, Medicine in Action, dedicated to helping women in Tanzania and Jamaica. Healthcare is a human right. I am a dedicated healer and passionate about my work. Women are the cornerstone of society. Helping women get well empowers not them and also benefits their families and community. About 12 years ago, my father was diagnosed with cancer and was told that he would not survive for more than two months. We saw a nutritionist in Jamaica, where we lived at the time. He was placed on a radical diet and he lived for another two years, where he was still able to play golf and tennis for most of that time. The stress that my mother endured caught up with her and she ended up getting cancer. She had to leave the island for treatment. My father became very lonely and his cancer returned and he succumbed to it. My mother survived; but after my father’s death I had profound changes in my life. I launched my own research into health and wellness, learning about nutrition and illness. I began to meditate regularly and so the transformation began. I began feeling like traditional western medicine was no longer serving my patients. I felt like I couldn’t help patients afflicted with chronic disease such as pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, irregular bleeding, obesity and other illnesses. I went to go to Peru and work with plant medicines. This was life changing for me. I became re-energized and able to see the mind-body-connection of health once again. It is with this restoration and knowledge in areas of mind-body- spirit medicine that I created my new holistic gynecology practice. My practice lives at the intersection of where traditional western medicine has failed and true wellness begins.
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