Deborah Thorne, DMSc, MS, PA

Doctor of Medical Science
Las Cruces NM
I set aside a minimum of 45-60 minutes each visit with patients to fully appreciate their needs, set goals and help them achieve them.
As a strong female health practitioner, I am deeply rooted in Ojibwe and Cree traditions of healing as mentored by Elders in Manitoba Canada. My mixed heritage allows me to provide a healing space for all peoples, regardless of ethnicity, beliefs, and gender. My experience and training in holistic medicine began as a sick child who saw many healers and practitioners. I grew to understand, appreciate and respect the innate wisdom and healing potential of our body, mind and spirit. I am trained in body therapy, traditional Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, plant medicine, yoga, meditation, kinesiology, allopathic and integrative medicine, emergency medicine, and psychedelic medicine. I am working towards completing a Ph.D in transpersonal and somatic psychology.