Denise Cicuto, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist
Alameda CA
I work with clients in-person and via telemedicine. Traditional acupuncture sessions are about an hour long. Telemedicine sessions are about 45 minutes long. Acupuncture alchemy sessions are about two hours long and may include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, dreamwork, Five element education cards and essential oil blends, flower essences, gua sha, guided meditation, moxibustion, six healing sounds and some homework. The acupuncture alchemy sessions are a great choice for integration work before and after psychedelic therapy.
I help people live beyond emotional and physical pain. I have been a social justice activist for LGBTQIA+ rights; people living with HIV/AIDS; Black Indigenous People of Color; and Reproductive Freedom. Combining healing and activism seems natural to me. I want to merge these to help us look toward the natural world for guidance, healing, growth, action, and transformation. I have dedicated my life to Chinese Medicine and know that the Five Elements have the power to guide and transform us and the world we live in. I have been part of Lorie Dechar and Benjamin Fox's 'A New Possibility' Alchemical Healing community since 2016.