Denise O'Neil, MPH, MS, LMFT

San Diego CA
For those seeking Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy, I offer Preparation and Integration sessions. I work in conjunction with MDs, DOs, NPs and various other practitioners of the healing arts.
Denise O’Neil is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with an office in Del Mar, a North County Coastal area of San Diego.  Before becoming a therapist, Denise was a clinical researcher developing medicines for advanced cancer and autoimmune diseases. Seeing that the best treatment outcomes occurred in patients who used a combination of both traditional, complementary & alternative medicines, Denise became interested in mind-body interventions. She returned to school for a Master of Science degree in Counseling and opened a private practice focused on recovery from trauma and addiction. She's a holistic psychotherapist with an integrative treatment approach that attends to mind, body and spirit.