Denise Rue, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychedelic Integration Coach
Somerville NJ
I work both virtually via Zoom and in person in Central New Jersey. Please feel free to contact me via email and if we seem like a good fit, we can schedule an introductory call. I look forward to speaking with you! Note: Psychedelics are currently illegal in the United States. I cannot procure psychedelic medicines for you, nor facilitate your journey. I can help you process your reasons for wanting to use psychedelics and I can help you integrate the cognitive insights, emotional breakthroughs and mystical experiences you may have had following your journey. Thank you for respecting these provisions.
In a healing career that has spanned over four decades, I have been fortunate to work as a clinical hypnotherapist, hospice social worker, trauma-focused psychotherapist, psychedelic-integration coach, and retreat leader and lead therapist at a legal psilocybin retreat in Jamaica. I strive to partner with my clients with genuine compassion and respect and to become an ally in their healing. My focus as a psychotherapist has been working with adults with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, especially survivors of childhood sexual abuse, as well as with individuals who experience depression, anxiety, OCD, and grief reactions. I have led groups for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse and co-facilitated a group for trauma survivors based on Sandra Bloom’s Sanctuary Model. As a retreat leader, I have had the privilege of holding space for hundreds of guests during their psilocybin journeys, and the honor of assisting guests in integrating their psychedelic experiences. I believe purposeful integration is a way to honor the psychedelic journey, to bring the cognitive insights, emotional breakthroughs, and mystical experiences into one's daily life to ensure enduring change. Here is a link to my video on how to navigate a "bad" trip: Here is a link to my Psychology Today profile: