Denisse Silva, AMFT

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Campbell CA
As an intuitive, spiritually centered, bilingual (Spanish & English) Latinx psychotherapist & advocate of ancestral, psychedelic medicine, my offerings are designed to target the mind, body, and spirit and assist you in building awareness of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and belief system. In our sessions, I will facilitate mindfulness exercises, role plays, enactments, and embodied movements. I will help you synthesize your psychedelic journey in non-ordinary state of consciousness, so that you can “make meaning” of them.
I am Denisse. I am sensitive soul, a generational cycle breaker. An intuitive, spiritually centered, bilingual (Spanish & English) Latinx psychotherapist & an advocate for the therapeutic use of ancestral, psychedelic medicine. I am a child of immigrant parents from Mexico & El Salvador. A free spirit. A holistic practitioner. The frequencies of my work are centered on intergenerational healing, remembrance of ancestral wisdom, emotional releasing, spiritual transcendence, and the reclamation of our inner freedom. I am deeply committed to creating a safe space & container to help you reflect on these fundamental life questions during your psychedelic journey: Who am I? What is my purpose? Am I living my truth?
I offer virtual, individualized psychotherapy sessions with evening and morning availability to clients residing in California and who are READY to transform their pain into meaning & purpose.